Reimagining safety after a mass shooting

I struggled with feeling numb and helpless after the mass shooting in my neighborhood in Monterey Park. After talking with members of International Women’s Network Against Militarism, their framework of “genuine security” inspired me to write this piece that combines contemplation with their call for a feminist and intersectional reimagining of security

“As the news of the mass shooting in Monterey Park unfolded, my heart sank as I recognized the building behind the yellow crime scene tape. I am a longtime resident of Monterey Park and a college professor. My students and I tutored participants of the the adult literacy program at the public library not too far from the site of the mass shooting for over ten years. …As I wait to hear if Julian, the Lees and others are alive, my heart hurts. I yearn for us to ask, reflect, and act upon deeper questions. Mr. Tran acquired assault weapons meant for a battlefield and used them in a dance studio. … I want us to notice how war, gendered violence and militarization impact our daily lives.”


Relational Mindfulness

Beginning qi gong moves and relational mindfulness (timed listening and sharing in pairs)

3/1, 3/8, 3/29, 4/12
4:30 – 5:30 p.m., US PT

Broad Center East Patio, Pitzer College (patio on east side of building towards clock tower)

Drop-in. Open to the public. No experience necessary.

Offered in the spirit of generosity.

Bring water, comfortable shoes, & cultural humility

Not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

Facilitated by members of ASAM89: Qi Gong & Embodied Learning with Dr. Yep

The: 11/17: Self-Care for Caregivers: Explore the Benefits of Qi Gong

Are you a caregiver? Join me , Ms. Liu, and AARP-CA for a free event this Thursday: “Self-Care for Caregivers: Explore the Benefits of Qi Gong” 

QiGong, a meditative practice of gentle stretching, movement and breathing, has shown the potential to lower stress and anxiety.
For caregivers, finding time for self-care can be very difficult, and yet it is so necessary for promoting overall well-being and to avoid stress and burnout. Professor Kathy Yep, a certified mindfulness facilitator and a practitioner of Dayan Qi Gong, will engage in a conversation with AARP California volunteer and caregiver Lily Liu about the importance of caring for yourself as a caregiver and the benefits of meditative practices like Qi Gong. Dr. Yep will also provide a short demonstration of qigong’s gentle, flowing movements and breathing technique. 

Please do not opt out of event-related emails, as you will be emailed a link to join the class via Zoom prior to the event. 

For more information, contact AARP California at

About the Speakers: 
Professor Yep teaches Asian American Studies at Pitzer College of the Claremont Colleges. Ms. Liu cares for her 90-year-old mother and is writing a book about her experiences as a 1.5-generation immigrant family caregiver.
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