Live Online Qi Gong: 1st Sundays

Starting Feb. 6…. The year of the tiger

For the Spring 2022 semester, I look forward to practicing qi gong with you during the live online sessions.  We will meet on first Sundays, 10 – 11:30 a.m. PT online from February through June.   Click here or go to All abilities and bodies are welcome. No experience necessary.  Join the qi gong email list!

Our focus will be on Wild Goose I and the 3 Dan Tians. Wild Goose Qi Gong is a moving set from the Kunlun Daoist tradition. Starting close to 30 years ago, I was so lucky to learn from Paul Li and Dr. Bingkun Hu and they learned from the 27th lineage holder Yang Mei Jun. For more information about the set and Yang Mei Jun, go to here:

For a preview of first section of Wild Goose, click below:


Admittedly, I was overwhelmed this past week because I was managing sciatica and preparing for the new semester among many other dynamics in life. As we encounter life’s challenges such as the Omicron variant, contaminated water, cancer, job insecurity, the carceral state, or eldercare, how do we ground ourselves and stay centered and connected?

The vagus nerve connects the brain and the nervous system. Breathing and moving may tone our vagal nerve, kick in the relaxation response and move us out of “fight/flight/freeze.”   Interestingly, traditional Chinese medicine for 1000s of years has conceptualized the vagus nerve as the 3 dan tians. Several studies have suggested that Tai Chi and Qi Gong stimulate the vagal nerve and/or activate the parasympathetic system/relaxation response. (Gerritsen, 2018; Lu and Kuo, 2004, etc.)

We will work with interconnection of our 3 dan tians or vagus nerve. 

The qi gong is offered in the spirit of generosity and donations are accepted for our community partner, Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity (IM4HI). Similar to qi gong, IM4HI invites us to envision and manifest a world where we are interconnected. As we hold our interconnections with hope and uncertainty,  let us breathe and move together. 

Please invite friends and family. Come when you can– even if you join later or if you have to leave early.

May our qi gong practice be for the benefit of all, with no exceptions.  I hope to see you on first Sundays, starting in February 2022.

Be well,