Online Qi Gong: Sep – Nov

This week kicks off our Fall online semester sessions.  We will continue with zoom drop-ins on 1st and 3rd Thursdays, 12:15 PT.  Invite friends and family.  Come when you can– even if you join later or if you have to leave early. 

All abilities and bodies are welcome. No experience necessary.  Join the qi gong email list!

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I start my 1st day of classes today. We are going back in person. I am writing notes for COVID-19 procedures and I notice my heart beating fast.  When I read the news about Afghanistan, Louisiana, the Caldor fire, the 9/14 California recall election and more, I can feel my jaw clenching. 

When you are constantly thinking and looking over your shoulder, what do you do? The vagus nerve connects the brain and the nervous system. Breathing and moving may tone our vagal nerve, kick in the relaxation response and move us out of “fight/flight/freeze.”   Interestingly, traditional Chinese medicine for 1000s of years has conceptualized the vagus nerve as the 3 dan tians. Several studies have suggested that Tai Chi and Qi Gong stimulate the vagal nerve and/or activate the parasympathetic system/relaxation response. (Gerritsen, 2018; Lu and Kuo, 2004, etc.)

For Thursday, we will work with the interconnection of our 3 dan tians or vagus nerve. 

Our community partner , Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity, invites us to envision and manifest a world where we are interconnected. As we hold our interconnections with hope and uncertainty,  let us breathe and move together. 

May our qi gong practice be for the benefit of all, with no exceptions.  I hope to see you Thursday. 

Be well,

PS- Today is the last day to register to vote online in California for upcoming California Governor Recall election.  You can also register to vote in person after 8/30. Or you can check your registration status.