SUN. 4/2: & NEXT WEEK: Qì Gōng &Solidarity Fasts: Hunger Strikers at Golden State &Mesa Verde immigration detention facilities

Hello, Qì Gōng Community,
I hope to see you for the live online First Sundays Qì Gōng on Sunday at 10 a.m. and I am inviting you to some solidarity events with my community partner and hunger strikers at two immigration detention facilities in California.  I am the granddaughter of 3 people who were detained in immigration facilities (Angel Island) under the Chinese Exclusion Act, so this action hits close to my family history. 

Next week, my longtime community partner (Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity) and dozens of other organizations will be fasting together in solidarity with the 84 immigrant hunger strikers at Golden State/Mesa Verde immigration detention facilities.  

I and some students from ASAM85: Health Inequities and ASAM89: Qì Gōng and Embodied Learning have selected one day and a type of fast (e.g. food, phone, internet, driving, etc).

I am hoping you might consider joining us by fasting for a day AND/OR sending loving kindness to those still detained in cages for that selected day. 


Our practice of qi gong interweaves with the solidarity fast— qi is in everything and in everyone, it connects us all. Things also obstruct qi and prevent us from living such as stress, systemic inequities, and oppressions. Practicing qi gong for self and others — inhaling and exhaling in solidarity with others deepens interconnection and qi flow of living for self and others so we may all be free and at ease.

I hope to see you Sunday for the live online Qi Gong. Sunday, 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. PT

Sending and receiving loving kindness,

P.S. More background information on the hunger strikes