Research & Honors


Community-Based Learning; Feminist Pedagogies; Participatory Action Research Methodologies; Critical Public Health.


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Advisory Group – Your Path To Our Health  project – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Building a Culture of Health is the vision of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, focused on addressing one of the most pervasive challenges of our time: improving health for all. A Culture of Health places well-being at the center of every aspect of life. It’s a culture in which communities flourish and individuals thrive. A culture that enables everyone in our diverse society to lead healthier lives, now and for generations to come. To mobilize this vision, we developed a new framework for working differently to improve health for all. Building a Culture of Health is a movement taking on one of the most pervasive challenges of our time: improving the health and well-being of everyone in America. Introducing a new framework for individuals and organizations to think differently about health and take action in their community.


EnviroLab Asia China Clinic: Henry Luce Foundation. Mental Health, Qi Gong, and College Students. Role: Lead undergraduate research lab of five students (Lam & Yep). (2022)

Visiting Scholar, Mindful Awareness Research Center of the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, University of California, Los Angeles (2021)

Project Pericles – Mellon Foundation Faculty Leader (2021)

Frederick P. Lenz Residential Fellow in Buddhism and American Culture & Values at Naropa University, Naropa University (2020)

Faculty Diversity Mentor Award, Claremont Colleges which “honors faculty members who provide consistent and meaningful support and encouragement to historically underrepresented students, staff or colleagues.” (2020)

EnviroLab Asia Research Grant: Henry Luce Foundation. Conceptions of the natural environment in relation to mental health in Việt Nam. Role: multiple Principal Investigators (Doan, Huang & Yep). $25,000. (2019-2020)

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