Letters of Recommendation

Before you ask me to write you a letter of recommendation, ask yourself: will she be able to write me a strong letter? have I talked with her during her office hours?

If you are interested in having me write you a recommendation,  contact me at least two (2) weeks before the due date due to workload. 

In order to support your application and to have the strongest letter possible,  two (2) weeks BEFORE the letter is due, please fill out the following form and email me at once it is completed with the following attached to the email: 

* your most recent resume

* a draft of your personal statement/ essays

Please send ALL the links with deadlines at one time.

Please send me a reminder email five (5) days before the letter is due.

If you decide NOT to apply to an institution after submitting a letter request, please let me know ASAP.  

Resources: Summer- Public Health

* REACH Summer Internship: Due early March

* Human Impact Partners: Internships tab

* Seeding Change Fellowship: Due late January 

* Public Health Awakened: Resources

* Columbia: Summer Public Health Scholars Program : Due January 31

* Engage Chicago: Early deadline (late Jan); Regular deadline (late Feb); Final (early April)

*CDC: James A. Ferguson Emerging Infectious Diseases Research Initiatives for Student Enhancement (RISE) Fellowship Program: Due January 31

* Maternal Child Health Careers/ Research Initiatives for Student Enhancement: (MCHC/RISE) Public Health: Due January 31

* Morehouse: Public Health Leader Fellowship Program: Due January 31

*PPIA University of California, Berkeley: Junior Summer Institute: Public Policy: Due November 1

* University of California, Los Angeles: Public Health Scholars Program Training Program: Due January 31

*University of Michigan: Future Public Health Leaders Program: Due January 31

Resources: Pathways to Graduate School

* Claremont Colleges: Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship: Due mid-February (Sophomores)

* Institute for Recruitment of Teachers: Due March 1 (Juniors/ Seniors)

* Leadership Alliance

Resources: Post-Graduate

* Coro Fellowship: Due early January

* Public Allies

* Greenlining Fellowship Programs

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