Free and Drop-In: Beginning Qì Gōng

ALL SESSIONS MOVED TO YOGA STUDIO (2nd Floor Gold Student Center)

You are invited to learn beginning qi gong moves such as qi shower. It is open to the public and no experience is necessary.

Qi Gong (pronounced chi gong) is often translated as “skillful working with life-force energy,” and it is one of the most widely practiced forms of exercise in the world, with an estimated 80-100 million people practicing daily. Qi Gong links breath, movement, and mental intention and stems from traditional Chinese medicine. An ancient moving meditation form that involves a complex knowledge system, it is now practiced on every continent and in a variety of social, cultural, and environmental contexts—including college campuses. For some, practicing qi gong is relaxing and fosters calm alertness. For others, practicing qi gong reminds and reinforces that all beings are interconnected, with no one or thing left out.

We will be practicing on unceded Tongvan territory.

Members of ASAM89: Qi Gong & Embodied Learning with Dr. Yep will be facilitating the beginning qi gong.

It is offered in the spirit of generosity. It should be noted that practicing qi gong is NOT a substitute for medical advice or treatment.

Dr. Yep has practiced qi gong for almost 30 years. Her teachers were Paul Li and Dr. Bingkun Hu who learned from Da Yen/Wild Goose lineage holder Yang Mei Jun.

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