Interbeing Project

Fall 2019: Pilot

The purpose of this project is to explore Thích Nhất Hạnh’s conception of the miracle of mindfulness and  interbeing. He conceptualized the term “interbeing” as a nondualistic way of defining the relationship between people and earth. This interdependent relationship between people and earth includes watering the seeds of kindness, hope, and compassion in ourselves and in the earth.

In this transnational project, people from Huế, Việt Nam  and from Pitzer College will take photos and discuss examples of the miracle of the present moment and interbeing. In doing so, we will learn about and compare these frameworks and co-create a global learning community.

Selected Photographs:

Evolving definitions:

After this project, I learned:

Next steps:

Pitzer College Facilitators: Professor: Dr. Kathleen S. Yep with Sarah Lynn Miralles (IDAAS CEC)

Huế Facilitators: Professor Cong Ho Dinh and Ngo Y Nhu

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