Evolving definitions

Dear Interbeing,

I notice you most when…

  • I find myself dwelling in the past.
  • I feel the weight and the burn of yet another tight-lipped smile.
  •  minutes of disquiet turn into hours, yet again.
  •  I’m scrambling to find validation for my pain by quantifying my struggles.
  • each time I mumble into the phone, “I’m okay, mom. I really am. Everything is fine.”
  • I go home and see my family pore over old photos from Vietnam strewn across the house, memories coming up when you least expect them to
  • I close my eyes in the car while the windows are rolled down, moving at 40 mph but feeling perfectly still at the same time
  • I think of taking care of my grandmother as a child—a family display of generational strength and love shifting over time, from birth to illness to death
  • I look at someone and see who I was in the past in them
  • I take a deep breath at the beginning of each class with Kathy
  • I look up at the sky and see the clouds that move across the world, reminding me of the value of the vast Earth under my feet.
  • I realize the importance of a healthy body mind and body when I am feeling unwell
  • life’s light withers away on a loved one
  • the memories of distant past presents itself in the form of dreams
  • an extreme emotion overtakes my rational thought


Dear interbeing,

Thank you for helping me to let go, heal, and transform my…

  • bitterness to become a more forgiving, gentler person than I was in the past.
  • emotional outbursts that would inevitably follow me after bottling up my feelings.
  • definition of empathy and ultimately allowing me to become a more empathetic person.
  • methods of resilience that can heal marks of intergenerational trauma.
  • frustrations from feelings of helplessness into empowerment.
  • sorrow.
  • perspective.
  • confusion.
  • mistakes.
  • life.
  • impatience.
  • helplessness.
  • frustration.
  • misunderstandings of the world around me and of myself.
  • lack of love and compassion for myself