Fall 2020: “Moving From the Downstream to the Upstream: Actionable Pedagogies From an Ethnic Studies and Feminist Studies Perspective” Center for Teaching and Learning, Claremont Colleges  (Video: 60m)

THEME 1: Integrative Approaches to Inclusive Classrooms

* COURSES: Healing Justice, Nonviolent Social Change, Methodologies, Thích Nhất Hạnh

* Community Partners – High School at Juvenile Detention Center Camp Afflerbaugh-Paige, Literacy for All of Monterey Park, Huế University


THEME 2:   Community-Based Learning

* COURSES: Community Health, Health Inequities, Racial Politics of Teaching

Community Partner: Literacy for All of Monterey Park

Citizenship Exam Video Resources 

Citizenship Exam Prep Materials (Articles, Intake, N400 vocabulary, N400 questions asked in different ways)

LAMP Reading Writing Civics

APALC N400 Interview Guide

LAMP training- Overview Components



THEME 3: Participatory Action Research

COURSES: Globalization and Oceania; Decolonizing Pedagogies; Communities; Methodologies; Asian American Voices

* Community Partner -Tongan community leaders in Ontario, CA; Asian American Resource Center (PO), Intercollegiate Department of Asian American Studies



Fall 2019: Interbeing Project

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